Natasha Ruegsegger, DC


In 2015, Natasha moved to Bend with her husband and two sweet therapy certified dogs. She is a native Oregonian, having grown up in the small town of Monmouth; since moving her family has grown. She has 2 gorgeous young girls, Jayden and Kinsley, a wonderful son AJ, and her crazy zoo. She is a lover of animals and their family is blessed with 4 dogs (Kona, Keara, Winchester and Ruger), multiple cats, ducks, geese, bunnies and a fish. During her schooling at the University of Western States, she had pursued extensive postgraduate studies in Activator Methods and is certified as an Advanced Proficiency Rated Doctor. She also specializes in cranial manipulation, neuromuscular diagnosis and treatment, and manual therapy. On her off time she truly enjoys everything that Oregon has to offer: hunting, camping, boating, and being outdoors. You will often find Dr. Natasha traveling with her family, sipping wine with friends, and being at her lake property in the summer.

Dylan Konkle, DC


Dr. Dylan hails from the great state of Wisconsin. Though cheese and beer may be all he ever says about his state: he does really enjoy the camping and nature back home. He is excited to be a part of Central Oregon as the hiking and nature is abundant here, and he has already recorded over 2500 miles and 500,000 feet of elevation gain on the trails. He is an avid hunter and is excited to learn about Oregon’s hunting community throughout the years of living here. He has really taken advantage of joining Dr. Natasha and her family on their hunting trips and is ready for next season! Dr. Dylan graduated in the middle of the pandemic in the summer of 2020 from University of Western States. He feels blessed that he was able to successfully finish schooling before things changed. He loves dogs, and after losing his best friend Bandit, he is excited to find his next pup this coming summer. He specializes in Activator method, diversified adjustment technique, and has an extensive knowledge of pre and post-partum care for the neuromuscular system.

Deborah Kalista, CA

Chiropractic Assistant

Deborah is born and raised in the Pacific Northwest; she has lived most of her life here in Central Oregon. You will never find someone so reliable and willing to help you as much as Miss Kalista. Her role here at Elk Ridge is constantly changing as she really understands patient care, accounts, and employee management. If you ever have a concern, Deb is your gal. She loves international travel and one day wishes to spread her wings to Norway and Iceland. In her spare time away from the clinic, Deb runs a successful animal care business and enjoys spending time with all of her furry friends.

Alison Johnson

Office Manager

Alison joins us with an extensive background in Human Resources in the medical field. She graduated from COCC with a degree in Business Administration and Accounting. When not at the clinic she can be found spending time with her kids, family and friends – doing anything outdoors like looking for waterfalls, camping, hiking and fishing.

Michele Gottschalk, LMT, CA

Massage Therapist

Michele is an Alaskan born and raised. She moved to Bend in 2021 with her boyfriend, two cats and two dogs. She immediately felt at home working at the clinic with all the amazing employees that work there. She enjoys a good joke and kind people. She loves to do everything she possibly can to help patients achieve a higher quality of life through massage. Her main massage techniques at present are Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, and muscle energy techniques.

Gillian Bailey, LMT

Gillian moved to Bend in the summer of 2023 from Alberta, Canada. She enjoys exploring the Bend area with her husband and spending time with friends and family, including her cat, Tyberius. During her previous career in pharmacy, Gillian decided she wanted to take a more direct and fulfilling approach to patient care. This desire for change prompted her to pursue her career in massage therapy. Gillian is passionate about aiding her clients in achieving their health goals through massage therapy. She provides therapeutic massages that integrate a variety of techniques, including Swedish, trigger point release, muscle energy techniques, and myofascial release. She has also recently begun providing abdominal visceral manipulation therapy. This is a modality that uses gentle, specific mobilization of the internal organs to help improve their movement within the body.