What To Do When You Get Into A Motor Vehicle Accident

Accidents on the road are a regrettably common occurrence. That’s nothing new. You and/or someone you know might have been involved in an accident – or multiple – over the years. Whether it’s a minor fender bender at a traffic signal, black ice that slides you into a tree, or something far more serious, the sad truth is, when we’re on the road, things happen – and they happen a lot. According to the state of Oregon’s crash data reports, between 2016 and 2020 (the most recent data pull), there have been over 250,000 reported motor vehicle accidents!

Often times, when these accidents happen, individuals involved tend to turn down medical attention when asked by first responders at the scene. Lever & Ecker, PLCC Attorneys at Law explain why this is.

“…even though you may feel fine, you really don’t know if you’re okay or not. Auto accidents are notoriously disorienting. The same goes for most other unexpected injuries. There is a physical reaction that happens in the body after an accident or injury. It’s called the ‘fight or flight response’ (essentially a massive release of various chemicals throughout your body, including adrenaline), and it dulls many of your senses. Your brain narrows its focus to what it perceives as an emergency, effectively ‘tuning out’ all other data. Unfortunately, people often aren’t aware of the ‘fight or flight response’ until after it wears off. This is how people can be injured after an accident and truly have no idea. It takes a while for the pain to cut through the confusion.”

As a rule, it’s always a good idea to accept medical attention first and foremost at the scene, whether you think you need it or not. But what happens after that?

When the exchange of auto insurance takes place and everyone goes home, the first thing you need to do is contact your insurance company and file a claim. Whether the accident was your fault or the other party’s, you’ll have to go through your own insurance first and they’ll take care of the rest.

As a note, all Oregon auto insurance plans include medical coverage. Be sure to check with your insurance company to see what sort of medical benefits are included in your plan. This is helpful to know, especially if the accident was the other party’s fault and either a) they don’t have medical coverage as part of their policy (for potential out-of-state insurance plans); or b) they don’t have an auto insurance policy at all.

The next thing to do is to call your doctor and schedule an appointment for a full checkup; and while that’s certainly what you should do, what most people don’t think to do in tandem is call their local chiropractor. Chances are, regardless of how mild or serious your injuries are, your doctor will recommend (and even refer you to) chiropractic care or physical therapy, as even the most minor fender benders are enough to jolt the human body out of alignment.

When you schedule your first appointment with Elk Ridge Chiropractic & Wellness Center, you can specify that you are coming in to receive treatment for an auto accident. On arrival for your initial exam, we’ll help you fill out the necessary motor vehicle accident (MVA) paperwork, and take down your insurance information. When your exam is complete and we begin your treatment plan, we’ll work with your insurance to ensure maximum coverage so that you can return to normal without having to pay outrageous medical fees after the fact.

This time of year, as the weather gets cold and the roads get dicey, we see an exponential rise in MVA patients. That’s why it’s especially important to double check your insurance policy’s coverage and to get a chiropractor in place to help you stay prepared.

Our chiropractors and physical therapist are currently accepting new patients. Request an appointment for your initial exam today at Www.Thebendchiropractor.Com or call/text us at (541) 388-3588.

See you soon and stay safe out there!

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